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Special Recognition

Distinguished Service Award

The Special Recognition or Distinguished Service Award is presented whenever someone has provided exceptional service to the ACA. As of this date, these two awards have each been presented once.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION - DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD - In JULY, 1992, Leonard Bludworth was presented a plaque which read "In recognition of his efforts in organizing and founding the American Cuemakers Association. His contributions will long be remembered and appreciated."
As of this date, we have no photos of this presentation ceremony. If anyone has photos, please provide them and we'll post them.

SPECIAL RECOGNITION - In March, 2008, Leonard and Janice Bludworth were again recognized for their outstanding efforts and personal sacrifice in founding the American Cuemaker's Association. The presentation was made at the Allen Hopkins Super Billiards Expo with over 150 people attending

2008-01-01 - Leonard Bludworth


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